Cozy Christmas Eve

Happy Monday! 1. I am super glad that the Mayans turned out to be full of you-know-what and 2. It’s Christmas Eve! Hooray! I love the feeling of warmth and love that comes from spending time with family. I love the cooking, the wine-sipping (sometimes guzzling), the stories exchanged, the gifts thoughtfully chosen… the whole tradition gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about it. With that in mind, here are some warm and fuzzies that I will be spending time wrapped in/wearing tomorrow evening!

Cozy Christmas Eve

Wrap up in this amazing blanket   //   Wear this this this and these slippers  //   Get warm with Christopher Elbow hot chocolate  in this cute mug   // Tie your hair back with these   //   Drool over the new Style Me Pretty tome   //   And sip champagne    //   With It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas Vacation on in the family room   //   And  some classic Christmas tunes playing through the sound system   //   Before  you change into the next cozy outfit (options below) for Christmas morning!

Festive PJs bringing the "elf look" back in style

Festive PJs bringing the “elf look” back in style. Visions of sugarplums guaranteed.

Another classic snuggle fest

Another classic snuggle fest. Sidenote: who actually looks this good when they wake up? Seriously.

Wrap me up in this

Love the rope to wrap up in on Christmas morning. I hope it comes with that tame mane, too.

And keep my tooties warm with these fun-tabulous slippers

And keep the tootsies warm with these fun-tabulous slippers, to fit right in with the reindeer!

Now all of these generously stretchy outfit can be put to use when I eat my bodyweight in this on Christmas morning:

Christmas_Egg CasseroleSausage CAsserole Recipe

And what Christmas dinner is complete without a signature cocktail? Check out the Cranberry “Sauced” recipe below!

cranberry-cocktail-imageCranberry sauced_Recipe

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