Unveiling the Truth

Liz Banfield Photography

Time to unveil the truth about veils. Veils can get a bad rep since women historically wore them over their faces to suggest modesty and female obedience, but brides wear veils in wedding ceremonies today because of tradition in France and England in the 1500’s that started because of (why else?!) fashion! Veils can have religious symbolism, or simply be decorative. Many brides go without, enhancing a stylish hairstyle with a simple flower or comb (which can also be great at the reception after the veil is taken off). If a bride chooses to cover her face with a veil, the fabric is usually about a yard and is detachable, for the bride (or groom) to lift back, or the maid of honor to remove when she returns the bridal bouquet to the bride. I love the romance and mystery of a veil, and I mean, come on… when else will you get to wear one?!

A blusher veil: Short, worn over the face and may fall to just below the shoulders (1   //   2)

A fingertip veil: Falls to the tips of the fingers (1)

A sweep veil: Falls to the ground (1)

A chapel veil: Trails one to two feet behind the gown (1)

A cathedral veil: Trails three to nine feet behind the gown (1)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this monogram detail on this veil. Genius, I tell you.

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